Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eunice Richter is now in Woodland, California

In mid-August, we helped Mom moved down to California. That involved arranging everything, driving to Roseburg & staying for a few days, overseeing the moving company packers, Mom staying in a "guestroom" while the van traveled south and unloaded, saying goodbye to her many friends, and driving all day in a rented mini-van since our hybrid was too small to be comfortable for Mom.

Six week later, Mom is mostly settle in to her studio apartment -- that is, the furniture has been re-arranged several times and the pictures are almost all in the desired places.
Mom has seen her Woodland doctor (the same one she knew from before moving up to Oregon ten years ago) and has started eye treatments at the UCD Medical Center. Although her vision is not expected to get a great deal better, it is hoped that these shots (which stop the leaking in the back of the eyes) will allow enough material to be re-absorbed that her eyes will at least not get worse and MIGHT improve slightly. It takes several months for this to occur, so Mom will need to continue yse shots for the rest of the year (at least).

The Eye Center at UCDMC is very busy. Dr. Telander there did a great job of explaining how this macular degeneration works and what needs to be done to stop its progress.

I'll be visiting Mom at least once a week -- probably more often -- now that she lives 20 minutes away instead of 10 HOURS away.

That's all for now. Lois & Jim (& Geraldine the cat) remain in good health.

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